This site contains articles written currently by myself, with a BA(Hons) Psychology. It is intended for an academic audience and specific research professionals in the psychedelic science field, but also for others who share a deep interest to understand and study altered states of consciousness academically. <br>

How is the loading speed for pages and articles, how is the readability of the fonts, what I should put at the top above "Articles." I am quite set on not using thumbnails for each article because it's a very time consuming process considering the level of professionalism I want to maintain.

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Submitted by: emfortier, 6 months ago

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Psychedup 6 months ago

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My two cents 

Perhaps it would be useful to categorize your articles by area of study. For example, your article “Does Dream Content Predict Cognitive Abilities” bears no correlation to the latter “Adult Disorganized Attachment…”. 

Creating an insightful flow in which your articles present would not only increase retention but also incite reader exploration. ~ exposing your perspective audience to emerging studies they may have not otherwise known about.

Due to the niche nature of your work, first-time visitors will likely be seeking specific information on topics like Psilocybin, ADA and Psychedelic Psychotherapy. Implementing something like a “topic” box on the side of the home page would allow users to jump straight to their specific topic/article of interest.


I very much enjoyed reading your articles, and I look forward to reading more in the future! Best of luck with your website! 


Keatonium 6 months ago

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Hello, your page speed for the different articles is about a 7/10. I didn't notice much lag when clicking between the various pages, but it wasn't instantaneous loading. 

The font on your pages is small and makes reading a bit of a challenge. I suggest increasing the font size by a couple of points. I would also suggest that you give more space in between paragraphs. I lost my place a few times while reading through your articles. 

If you were to add something above "articles," I would suggest adding an "about" and "contact me" button. 

Overall I like your research and articles. I think the site is coming along nicely.