<div><span class=" author-d-1gg9uz65z1iz85zgdz68zmqkz84zo2qoxvz75zd5fdz79ziz80z5mnz67znd2z83zqcqbz75zz79zxvz84zz79zz66zz69zfz75z">Dabble is an easy-to-use online writing tool, packed with helpful features that allows beginning novelists and published authors to create amazing stories.</span></div><div><h2 data-usually-unique-id="586994517656912937777752"><span class=" author-d-1gg9uz65z1iz85zgdz68zmqkz84zo2qoxvz75zd5fdz79ziz80z5mnz67znd2z83zqcqbz75zz79zxvz84zz79zz66zz69zfz75z"><b>Description:</b></span></h2></div><div><span class=" author-d-1gg9uz65z1iz85zgdz68zmqkz84zo2qoxvz75zd5fdz79ziz80z5mnz67znd2z83zqcqbz75zz79zxvz84zz79zz66zz69zfz75z">Tools for the novelist have evolved and improved over time. Stone and chisel, parchment and ink, the typewriter, the computer, the laptop, the smart phone, and the tablet. There are plenty of tools that already exist for writing, but Jacob felt there was opportunity for better tools in more places. By creating software that is focused solely on writing a novel, we can create those better tools. Tools laser-focused on writing novels.</span></div>

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